Today, I will be using my Monday Write just to say Happy Birthday to my sister Jenna.

Jenna has been doing the whole performance and entertaining thing her whole life. I really only came to it in the last few years with stand-up.

I didn't get into actual acting and stage performance until a few years ago. She encouraged me to try out for the part of Franz Liebkind in The Producers. I got the part and it was the first play we were in together since we were kids. It would be the first of three plays we would do together in 5 years.

Now Jen does improv with me with the Hot Dog Group in Wausau. We performed in the Green Bay improv festival and one of the people who saw our show Friday night that is in the Green Bay group told me, "That is your sister? She was funny! I want to perform with her."

It makes sense. Jenna is pretty good as stuff on the stage no matter what it is.

Happy Birthday Jen!