Clark Thompson opened his letter and let out a giant sigh. He had never been the one to seek attention. At work he never brought in donuts for his birthday because he didn’t want people to feel obligated to wish him happy birthday. He looked at the letter and put it in the trash.

Two weeks later another letter arrived. Once again Clark threw the letter away.

It wasn’t that Clark was anti-social. He just didn’t like bringing attention on himself. He went to parties, he enjoyed social gatherings. As long as he could just blend into the background he was happy.

Another two weeks later another letter arrived. Clark threw the letter away.

Clark was friendly at work. He found himself in many situations where people came to his desk to talk to him about the game the previous night, stuff that’s happened in the news and any other things that were going on.

Another two weeks later another letter arrived. Clark threw the letter away.

Clark married his wife right after they graduated college. They lived in a small home outside of Omaha. His wife Lorna worked sporadic hours at the local hospital where she was a nurse. One of the main reasons Clark was able to throw these letters away was because every time a letter came he was able to get rid of it before she noticed.

On a Saturday morning Clark and Lorna woke up and tried to determine what they wanted to do with their rare Saturday together. While they ate breakfast a loud knock came from their front door.

Clark went to answer. On the other side of the door were three men in black suits and black ties.

“Hello, sir,” the one in the middle said, clearly the leader of the group, “Are you Clark Thompson.”

“Yes,” Clark said.

“We are from the department of Fame, Fortune and Exposure.” He flashed a badge that confirmed what he said, “We have noticed that you have not responded to our letters.”

“No, I just threw them away. I didn’t really want to take part in the program.”

“Well, Mr. Thompson, it doesn’t quite work like that. We are here to discuss with you how you will be utilizing your opportunity.”

Lorna hearing all the talking came to the door.

“Who are these men?”

“Hello, ma’am we are from the Department of Fame, Fortune and Exposure. We are here to discuss with your husband why he threw our letters in the trash.”

Lorna shot a look at Clark.

“You were getting letters all this time and did nothing.” she lovingly slapped him in the back, “What are you thinking? Gentlemen, please come in, come in.”

Lorna moved Clark out of the way and welcomed the men inside their house.

Clark gave a deep sigh. He knew this was only the beginning.