Monday nights at my house is the only time that my girlfriend and I actually have to compete to determine what we actually watch on TV. My show of choice is WWE Monday Night Raw. I know it’s kind of embarrassing but whatever it’s a show, it’s no stupider than some shows that are on TV. My girlfriend’s Monday night is reserved for either Dancing with the Stars or what is currently on Monday Nights “The Bachelor.”

Now that show isn’t much better. I mean when you really think about it these shows are pretty much the same, just going after different demographics.

So on the Bachelor a bunch of ladies from all walks of life go and compete for the affections of a guy. On Raw there are guys from all walks of life that are going after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

These ladies have different occupations. Most of them are fitness trainers and some of them work in real estate. This season on the Bachelor there were two girls who are twins who simply went by “twins” as their occupation.

This is no different than WWE. There was a guy who used to be a cop, there was a guy who comes from the fifth dimension, and there are the Bella Twins who for the first 6 years of being in the WWE were only known for being twins.

The Bachelor is heavily over produced with some pretty contrived dates and situations. Well, that is pretty much 96% of professional wrestling.

The Bachelor culminates with a giant rose ceremony and viewing parties across the country. Well, WWE “season” ends with Wrestlemania where tons of viewing parties happen across the country to watch.

So we both have stupid shows that we like to watch. So who cares it’s entertainment.