Let’s talk about aliens.

When I was a kid I was afraid of aliens. I don’t know why. It might have been that every time I saw an alien I assumed they were here to destroy our world. So maybe I wasn’t afraid of aliens so much it was just death in general.

I got over my fear weirdly by watching the movie Independence Day. Maybe it was Jeff Goldblum that soothed my fears.

But now I’m an adult. I know better. I know aliens don’t exist.

Yet, we always hear about people being abducted by aliens and by people seeing UFOs. Aaron Rodgers made headlines this last week by saying on a podcast that he saw a UFO. I believe him, but I don’t think it’s necessarily creatures from outer space.

Here is my crazy conspiracy that I’ve never really heard anyone say before so if it is something that has been said then keep it to yourself and quit being a turd. Can you just let me have this one?

So whenever someone reports a UFO I don’t think they are actually noticing a space ship from outer space. They are witnessing a ship from the planet earth. The only difference is that these are ships that were made many thousands of years in the future. Yes, I am proposing that UFOs and aliens are merely travelling back in time.

It is a big reason why no one seems to find the UFO after it is sighted. It is there and then it’s gone. This is because either the spaceship only had the power to travel back in time for that brief moment of time, or knowing how time continuums work they only want to be back in that current time for that long without having adverse effects on the future.

We have a show called Ancient Aliens where they talk about aliens coming to Earth. Maybe it’s a bunch of people from the future to validate the past. Or learn about the past. Maybe they are the pioneers that are learning how the future came to be and how it can be prevented in the future.

There are talks of abduction which makes sense if you are a time traveler. You want to find people to communicate with so you have an idea of what the current time period is. Oh, and there are anal probes which seems to be a common theme from alien abduction, but that falls into the next part.

These aliens are just humans but with thousands maybe years of evolution in play. So these anal probes are to validate the human species and to see how it has mutated throughout history.

The alien technology is so advanced it’s because of millions of years of technological development. They have learned new things, and there is a good chance they figured out time travel.

We don’t understand their languages because millions of years from now we’ll have just one language on our planet. We won’t have borders and instead just be one planet.

So why wouldn’t they just land and make these intentions known? Because they know it would cause a panic. Also, think of all the chaos that would happen if we actually knew that time travel was possible.

One of the most famous alien sightings was at Area 51 in New Mexico. That makes sense because that’s where we did nuclear testing. It could have been where the mutations started.

So if this article is still up years from now then you’ll know that this is all just crazy theory. But if you don’t’ hear from me for a few months then you know they know that I know and that by you knowing they know I must not know anymore.