Hey slowpitch softball how is it going? It’s Tucker. So I owe you an apology.

You see for many years I pretty much shunned you. I played so much fastpitch and enjoyed the challenge so much that I just couldn’t see myself stepping down to play you. I think where it where it comes from is when I would watch my buddies play slowpitch and when I played slowpitch out of high school and the people who took it so seriously. It was a game that seemed so easy, anyone can do it. After a while I stopped playing slowpitch because I wanted to play more fastpitch. And I grew up in a fastpitch family.

I think I also got mad at you slowpitch because my friends wanted to play you more than fastpitch. Because I played with so many good ball players when I grew up I wanted them to keep playing fastpitch because I knew they would be good and have fun with it. But they chose slowpitch. They chose you. And I guess I was a little jealous.

But things have changed slowpitch. I’ve grown up a lot in the last 3 years. I started to play a little more slowpitch. And now I’m playing regularly on a slowpitch team. I think what I realized was twofold.

One, I realized that any type of ball is fine. Slow, fast, hard whatever it is I should just get out there and play. It’s not a bad thing. I can take a few cuts and hey when I go and play fastpitch later in the week I can get my dumb swings out of the way. I even found that when I played last year in a few games it actually helped my fastpitch swing for some reason.

Two, I’m hanging out with the guys, and I’m having fun. And that’s what it should be about.

So slowpitch I’m sorry I was such an asshole for the last few years. You aren’t so bad. And in a few years when I can’t play fastpitch anymore, I’m going to have to play you. So I should stop being a dick.