Hello Monday Writes "fans." I'm back on an actual Monday, to make an actual Monday write.

It has been a crazy year so far. I bought a car, the Packers choked in the NFC Championship game and Donald Trump thinks the mix-up at the Oscars was because people were thinking about him.

But on a more positive note there are some really good things happened. Done some really fun stand-up shows, some really fun Squeezebox Comedy Shows, won a gold star at improv last weekend for recreating the entire Creation of Man painting by myself.

But one of the things I'm really excited about is the creation of a brand new game.

The original title for the game is 64 Clones but after doing an initial play test the name of the game will now be Too Many Clones.

It's a game that combines Battleship and Clue.

You and your fellow scientists are the best at creating human clones. You are so good at it that you routinely play a game where you try to destroy each other's clones knowing that you can easily create new clones at a moment notice without your bosses knowing. Your clones live in groups of 4 within 16 cells of your laboratory. You put all of the clones files in a giant pile and use the available files to determine which clones belong to your fellow scientists.

Players are dealt 3-6 cards that have a clone on them. That clone will have a corresponding tile on the table with the rest of the clones in play set up in an 8X8 grid. Players are dealt cards that let them either eliminate clones or give them an idea of what clones their opponents don't have. And now, once again; thanks to play testing, the cards can also help you gain information on where your opponents clones are.

The objective is to eliminate your opponents clones before they eliminate yours. You eliminate clones by drawing a single elimination clone card and playing it, collecting a row and column coordinate card that lets you eliminate a block of clones, or by doing clean up duty. Clean up duty is drawing a clone card that has already been eliminated. Clean up three clones and you can make an elimination for all the hard work you are putting in.

Players can learn where their opponents clones are but playing a single coordinate card and asking a specific player how many of their clones are in that row or column. But the most information will come from seeing the clones that don't belong to anyone and remembering.

The last person to have clones still alive wins.

Right now the game uses the most popular names from 2017. But that will soon change. Based on a suggestion that the names should probably be a bit more sillier. Also, the color scheme that I used on the cards and the tiles looked great on my computer not so much when printed out. So a lot of things to still work on but most importantly is making sure the game plays well and makes sense.

I'm really looking forward to play testing and finding ways to make the game better. So if you are reading this and would like to play test get a hold of me. As a thanks I will let anyone who playtests the game the chance to name one of the clones anything you want (Within reason).

I hope Monday Writes becomes a better habit but there is like a 40% chance that doesn't happen.