Well the Super Bowl is this weekend, and if you don’t have a team to root for this Sunday don’t worry; because there is still a way to enjoy the big game. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the Super Bowl is by participating in prop bets. These are situations that happen in the game and even Halftime that you can bet on, for instance; will the coin flip be heads or tails?

I fancy myself a prop bet expert so let’s go through some of the Prop Bets that you should keep an eye out on this Sunday so you can win some money with either Vegas or your friends.

Will the National Anthem be sung by a human?

So before the game even starts there are things you can bet on. Now most places are going to ask if the National Anthem will be a certain length, but the real money can be made by betting if it’s done by a human being. Slated to sing right now is India Menzel, but that is always subject to change. Plus, India Menzel is actually an anagram for “Die Inn Maze.” Sounds like a secret robot to me. Go out on a limb and take that it won’t be sung by a human.

Will the game start with the 1st quarter?

This is a tricky one, because with all the rule changes that are being done in the NFL there is a good chance Roger Goodell tries to start this game with the 4th quarter, moving to the 1st quarter, then the 2nd quarter, then for a strange turn still have half-time after the second quarter. The game ultimately ends with an overtime period with regardless of score the team who scores first wins granted that each team had at least one opportunity to possess the ball. Unless the team to receive the ball first scores a touchdown the game is automatically over. But the smart money is that it will start in the 1st quarter.

Will Lenny Kravitz sing “You’re My Flavor” during the halftime show?

This is a bold bet because this is a pretty deep cut from Kravitz’s album “5.” Also, Katy Perry is the main attraction for this halftime show. So if you want to really turn some heads go ahead and take this action if you can get it.

Will a football get lodged into a player’s facemask during a play leading to a scene that could have happened in “Little Giants?”

Oddities in sporting events are what American’s secretly crave. This situation is particularly appealing because of how stupid face masks on helmets look now. But we really shouldn’t look at this prop bet as a fluke thing that happens by chance. Remember Bill Belichick is coaching and he loves messing with the opponent. So keep an eye out for Tom Brady to just jam the football into Rob Gronkowski’s face mask intentionally so everyone can have a good laugh, and by the time anyone realizes it a touchdown is scored.

Will NBC cancel the Super Bowl halfway through the game because it doesn’t know how good it actually is?

A lot of good shows have made the airwaves only to be cancelled before they were given a chance to figure themselves out (Community, anyone?) . So there is a chance that NBC might not think the game is worth the time and just cut to an episode of The Voice and Carson Daly.

Okay, for the rest of the big one’s let’s do a speed run and predict whether or not it will happen.

Will Pete Carroll mention a conspiracy theory at any point in the game?  Probably

Will Tom Brady accidentally wear Uggs instead of football cleats to start the game? Yes

Will Marshawn Lynch grab his dick for any reason other than scoring a Touchdown? Word is he’ll do it after every Coke commercial and Danica Patrick appearance during a commercial. So yes.

Will a jet plane during the fly over pull a baller Top Gun move and fly upside down and flip off the entire crowd? Probably not, FCC regulations and all.

Will your dad going to get drunk and complain that your team should be playing in this game right now instead of Seattle or New England? Of course he will.

Will Katy Perry wear an outfit that will light up her boobs? You bet she will.

Who will win the Super Bowl? Who cares.