If I actually had free time, I’d probably cook a lot more at home.

When I was a kid I always liked making pancakes. Not an elaborate dish, but I liked doing it nonetheless. As I got older and into high school I really only cooked what we had in the cupboard. Now that I’m an actual adult I’m way more fascinated in trying to create food things that sound interesting and unique.

I had read about a two ingredient pizza dough that was just greek yogurt and self-rising flour. I had to try it right away. It turned out just okay. I started to look for more recipes to make pizza dough with self rising dough because I still had a full bag of flour to get rid of. I found one that didn’t require greek yogurt just regular water and salt. That recipe just turned out okay as well.

Then I hit the realization that I had been cooking this dough all wrong! I had been putting the dough on a regular pizza sheet, that’s unacceptable! I needed to get a pizza stone if I wanted to really cook my dough properly.

That wasn’t actually the case. The pizza stone did an okay job of cooking the dough, but it still lacked the crispness that I desired in a pizza crust. So as of this writing I’m back to square one on homemade pizza dough from self-rising dough.

My mom had had told me about making a lasagna in a crock-pot which to me sounded like the greatest idea in the world. So the first chance I got to create such a dish I did, and it turned out great. I even made one for a company Christmas party and it was gone before I even got a slice.

For Christmas last year I got a square crock-pot which is perfect for those pesky square lasagna noodles. Putting square lasagna noodles into a circular crock pot is an equation even NASA would have trouble with.

One of the lasagnas I made was half beef and half chicken with a lasagna noodle divider. It turned out just okay. When cooking elaborate dishes it’s best to stick to one meat probably.

Recently on a podcast I heard someone talk about making homemade carnitas in a crock pot. Something that I immediately needed to do. One night when at the grocery store I saw that porkchops were on sale. Not exactly the best cut of pork to use for carnitas but the price was right. (Use a good pork butt roast for carnitas by the way)

I also found that there is no premade carnita seasoning like regular tacos. So I had to improvise and concoct my own recipe. What I settled on was a small can of jalepenos and a can of green chilies. My theory being that long enough in the crock pot the juices from the spicy vegetables will get into the meat and it’ll be great.

They turned out okay, but didn’t have the kick that I had hoped for.

My favorite meal to make is hot beef sandwiches in the crock pot. Just take a beef roast and pour in one can of French Onion Soup mix for every pound of roast. Let it sit all day and by the end of the day you are looking at a great meal for the rest of the week.

Don’t want sandwiches but a good old fashioned beef roast. Simple, all you need to do is get a beef roast and a packet of onion soup mix. Add some water, some carrots and potatoes if you want and let sit for about 4 hours. Your house smells great and you have a delicious meal.

I’d probably have a ton of go to recopies, but like I said, I don’t have much free time. But I am super hungry right now, so I got to go make something.