This Thursday is Thanksgiving. A lot of people these last few years have been up in arms about stores opening up their doors early for Black Friday sales. The reason being is because anytime those stores are open during Thanksgiving that is taking family time away from those employees.

Thanksgiving is about family and anytime that isn’t with your family is an affront to the holiday. If you do not spend every waking moment with your family on Thanksgiving you are a monster.  So to help you out here are some things you can and cannot do on Thanksgiving. 

DO:  Open up your doors to your whole family and become totally overwhelmed by everything that goes into planning a Thanksgiving dinner.  

DON’T: Open up the doors to your customers that you need to help make your sales goals for the month/quarter.

DO: Fall asleep in a recliner after eating way too much with sounds of the football game going on in the background.

DON’T: Hang outside in a line with your friends talking about how Black Friday was last year and going over how your Thanksgiving has been going.

DO: Constantly check your phone wondering what everyone on your Facebook or Twitter is up to. Also, make sure to text anyone you think is within a 30 mile radius of where you are to see what they are doing and if anything is going on later tonight.

DON’T: Constantly check to see if the crowds have died down at Best Buy so you can just get a few cheap Blu-Ray DVDs; like 12 Rounds starring John Cena.

DO: Be bored and wonder how much longer you have to stay in order to be polite.

DON’T: Go to the bar where one of your friends you haven’t seen in a few years will be, but for only that one night because they have to go do a bunch of other family things the next day and that weekend.

DO: Buy Indiana Ave and St. James Place. These are valuable properties and will lead to a win in Monopoly if you can collect that color group.

DON’T: Buy anything on Thanksgiving or early Black Friday morning. That goes without saying.

DO: Any work emails that might have come across on your business phone.

DON’T: Have anyone actually step foot in a place of business to do actual work.

DO: Spend thousands of dollars to travel across the country on the most chaotic travel week of the year just to see people you will see in one month.

DON’T: Stay home to save money and have a modest Thanksgiving with your significant other.

DO: Draw your Secret Santa’s!

DON’T: Actually buy anything for those Secret Santa’s!

DO: Begin dinner with a prayer.

DON’T: Begin your day at 1 PM because you are hungover from the day before.

DO: Listen to your racist Grandpa talk about Donald Trump

DON’T: Go to the Hunger Games movie, a movie about a dystopian leader with radical views.

 DO: Play football in your backyard.

DON’T: Go to a football game with your friends. Even though the quarterback you grew up watching is going to have his number retired and you were able to get tickets for face value because the guy who had the tickets had something come up and just wants to get his money back and he knows your good for the money even if you don’t have it up front.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope this was helpful.