At the beginning of the year I made a pact to myself to try and write at least one thing every week and post it on my website. 48 weeks later I have 43 articles on my website. Not too bad if you ask me. Okay maybe it is bad because I didn’t actually follow through with what I set out to do.

The main thing is for someone like me who usually has a hard time following through on things like this it’s a pretty big accomplishment. For some reason I thought I had only missed 3 Monday Writes because they were from when I was in Las Vegas, New York City, and when I was sick last week. But I guess I either missed two other weeks or I just don’t know how to count and do math.

As the year comes to a close I want to thank everyone who has actually read any of these ridiculous things. This might not be the last Monday Write for 2015, but there’s a good chance it could be. But when 2016 comes around I’ll be back, hopefully refreshed and ready to type out some non-sense that you have come to know and expect.

I would like you to go and revist some of what I consider my favorite Monday Writes from the past year. Everyone else on the internet is doing a look back at 2015 why can’t I do it too? So here are 5 articles for you to revist. Only read these the rest were probably garbage and why I didn’t want to mention them again.


Green Bay Packers Fans Season Preview

This is one of my favorites, because this season more than any I feel like some of these things have come true.


Garage Sale Deals

Writing fake write-ups for stupid products should be a job I get paid for more regularly.



A quick story about my Dad and his prowess on the diamond.


Vapor Madness

A story about when I dressed up as a cigarette and attended a vaping convention


March Madness and Super Bowl Prop Bets

I seem to favor the stories that involve sports in some capacity. Something I might have to think about for 2016.


Thanks for reading everyone!