The new year is here. So what better time to get back on the Monday Write train then by actually doing a Monday Write on the first Monday of 2016. But before we start looking at the future I want to compile a ton of top 5 lists that sum up my 2015.

I had a really good 2015 so I need to do a little bragging because that's what the internet is for. Some of these aren't personal accomplishments. But you'll see how it works.

Top 5 Movies of 2015 that I Actually Saw
Being on the road doing comedy usually means seeing a lot of movies in the theater. Here are the best movies of 2015:

5. Run All Night
4. Avengers: Age of Ultron
3. Spectre
2. Star Wars: The Force Wakens
1. Sicario

Okay, I didn't see a lot of movies that actually came out in 2015. So here are the Top 5 movies from 2015 that I want to see:

5. The Big Short
4. The H8teful Eight
3. Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Jurassic World
1. Straight Outta Compton

Top 5 Video Games I played when I actually had time to play Video Games

5. Super Mario Maker (I only played this in a demo version at Best Buy, but I really, really liked it and have watched many videos dedicated to this game.)
4. Jackbox Party Pack: 2
3. Fallout 4
2. MLB The Show '15
1. Rocket League

My 5 Favorite Tweets that I Did in 2015






Top 5 Accomplishments in Comedy

5. Going on the news to promote Koo Coo's' Nest and myself
4. HotDog! Improv Long-Form Show
3. Did my first shows for the Funny Business Agency
2. Performed in Las Vegas at World Series of Comedy
1. Headlined Skyline Comedy Cafe

Top 5 Places I traveled to in 2015

5. Quad Cities for Fastpitch world tournament
4. New York City for regular work job
3. Iowa City for the Floodwater Comedy Festival
2. Phoenix for the Packers vs. Cardinals
1. Las Vegas for the World Series of Comedy

Top 5 Packer games I attended

5. -
4. Packers vs. Cardinals in Phoenix
3. Packers vs. Rams
2. Packers vs. Cowboys
1. Packers vs. Cowboys NFC Divisional Playoff Game

Top 5 Shows I Did

5. HotDog Longform Show Nov. 27th
4. World Series of Comedy Wild Card Show Sept. 21st
3. Saturday Shows Skyline Comedy Cafe Aug. 14th
2. Opening for Pauly Shore at Koo Coo's Nest June 4th
1. Oredock Brewery Marquette MI May 12th

5 Comedians I could think of at this moment that I really enjoyed seeing perform and get better in 2015.

5. Matt Kluge
4. Brandon Koss
3. Lexi Haack
2. Elijah Hollorbrook
1. AJ Grille

Top 5 Goals for 2016

5. Write a Monday Write every Monday
4. HotDog! does 2 shows a month
3. Feature 1 show a month
2. Write More
1. Get Better