Football season is right around the corner and I am a huge Green Bay Packer fan. They are my favorite team of all the teams that I am a fan of. This time of year comes around it gets everyone around the state of Wisconsin excited. Packer fans travel from all corners of the country just to watch practice and they all dream of another trip to the Super Bowl. 

Many sports media outlets are going to start giving their predictions for all the teams around the NFL. I am not going to do that. I'm going to give you a season preview of what the fans of the Green Bay Packers are probably going to go through this eason.

If there's one thing you need to know about Green Bay Packers fans is that they are the "smartest" fans in the league. Heavy emphasis on the quotes, because every Packer fan thinks they know what is best for the team. They think that Mike McCarthy is the worst coach in the history of the franchise, despite having a Super Bowl victory (He should have at least 3! is what a Packer "Fan" will argue.)

They are still mad because Ted Thompson didn't trade for Marshawn Lynch in 2010, even though they would go on to win the Super Bowl Champions (Look what he's done though since! We should have won 3 Super Bowls! is what a "Fan" will argue)

They don't think that Aaron Rodgers is a good leader because he when the defense gives up 300 yards it's his fault for not motivating them. (Another claim a Packers fan will make)

The best way to watch a Packer game if you are a Packer fan is basically by yourself.

Before I start my preview of what Packer fans will go through this year my favorite story about the type of Packer fans there are.

I went to the 2013 Playoff Game at Lambeau Field where the Packers lost to the 49ers on a last second field goal. As we headed out of the stadium a guy complained the whole way that the entire game is rigged and that Roger Goodell wanted San Francisco to win because it was better for TV ratings. He complained the whole way. It was what 85% of Packer "fans" thought at the time.

Walking back to our bus a family of three was right in front of us. A mom, a dad and there son who was probably only four. A man walking against traffic kept repeating, "Go Pack Go!" The son asked why he was saying that even though the Packers just lost. The Mom said, "Because they tried really hard and even though they didn't win we still love them."

That represented about 10% of the Packer Fans that day. The real fans.

We walked into the parking lot where our bus was and a guy was walking buy us who kept yelling, "Fuck the Bears! Fuck the Bears!" This represents the rest of the fans of the Green Bay Packers.

So you can understand where this preview is coming from.

So let's get to it, your Green Bay Packers fans preview!

Packers fans will be irate after Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews and some other key starts only play about 20 snaps in the preseason. They will cite that the last 3 years the Packers have started 1-2 and if they wanted to actually buck that trend they should actually prepare their players for the regular season with some game time reps.

Packers vs. Bears
The Packers will be victorious where they explode for over 30 points thanks to 4 touchdowns thrown by Aaron Rodgers. The Packers defense also looking impressive will give up 17 points, all coming in the 2nd half. Packer fans will call for McCarthy's head because he doesn't know how to keep his foot on the gas.

Packers vs. Seahawks
The Packers fall to the Seahawks in the Sunday night game. Packer fans from across the state will call in to state that the Packers might as well give up because they can't beat the Seahawks and once again if they want to make it to the Super Bowl the road will go through Seattle. Packer fans will want to fire Ted Thompson this week as Ty Montgomery trips up on the 20 yard line during a return. "Fans" will cite that it was a wasted draft pick that should have been used on an Inside Linebacker that wouldn't be playing, but at least they'd be looking towards the future.

Packers vs. Chiefs
In a Monday Night tilt that features a "Rematch" of Super Bowl I the Packers win by 28, but Clay Matthews will leave in the 4th with an injury. He won't have a serious injury, and it wont' result in any missed games and the game will already be decided. Packer "Fans" will alternate between how Matthews needs to toughen up and how McCarthy shouldn't of had Matthews in the game when it was already decided.

Packers vs. 49ers
Leading into the game Packer "Fans" will call into radio shows saying how the Packers still haven't been able to beat the Niners. Packers get the victory but "Fans" will call in and claim that this isn't the same team that beat them twice in the playoffs and regular season in the last 3 years. They will call it a hollow victory and still doesn't matter because they can't beat the Seahawks.

Packers vs. Rams
Packers blow out the Rams at home. But fans will pick apart Davante Adams because he has a drop in the 1st quarter that would have been an easy touchdown. He will also be ripped apart because he wasn't able to climb the ladder to grab an overthrown ball from Scott Tolzein in the 4th quarter.

Packers vs. Chargers
Packers beat a Chargers team to gain a lot of momentum into the bye week. Packer "Fans" will complain about how dumb the throwback jerseys are; even though the  Packers are undefeated in throwback jersey's since 2010.

Bye Week
Packer fans will use this week to complain about how they are still one piece away from actually being a Super Bowl contender. This is of course despite of a 5-1 record, the number one offense and a surprising top 10 defense.

Packers vs. Broncos
In a showdown of top quarterback McCarthy continues his streak of wins out of bye weeks. The defense will force 3 INTs of Peyton Manning, but Rodgers will only throw 1 TD pass. This will cause Packer fans to complain that when Rodgers goes up against top defenses on the road he isn't clutch, or a good leader.

Packers vs. Panthers
The Packers defense has a hard time containing Cam Newton, and the Packers lose a high scoring affair. Packer fans will continue to complain that this team is still one piece away from being a serious contender. A top receiver will go down and 2nd year Folk Hero Jeff Janis will finally make his debut. He will not do well, which will lead Packer fans to believe that the coaching staff didn't do enough to build this young player to perform.

Packers vs. Lions
The Packers return home and regain 1st place from the Lions. Packer fans will be skeptical about their potential to win this game because of the previous weeks performance and the hot streak the Lions seem to be on. The Packers win in another close one thanks to defense. Fans will call to complain that Mike McCarthy needs to take back control of play calling duties.

Packers vs. Vikings
The Packers hit a bit of set-back as they fall to the upstart Vikings on the road. Packer fans will complain about how Rodgers and once again doesn't perform well on the road and can't find a way to beat a young and energetic defense. People will complain that they were looking past the Vikings who only have 3 wins on the season.

Packers vs. Bears
On Thanksgiving the Packers will dominate the Bears in the game where they retire Brett Favre's jersey. "Fans" will want to talk about Brett Favre and how cold he looked at the halftime ceremony and how he left so quickly after the game.

Packers vs. Lions
In another Thursday night game the Packers offense clicks into high gear as they put up 40 on the road against a Lions defense that has been picked apart due to injuries. Packer "Fans" will call in to say that this the Packers team they wanted to see against a playoff potential team. They still don't have what it takes to beat Seattle, but they think they might be getting closer.

Packers vs. Cowboys
In a rematch of the Divisional Playoff last year the Packers leave no doubt as they beat the Cowboys on a last second field goal by Mason Crosby. Packer "fans" will call in to complain that Rodgers didn't do enough to put them over the top and how the defense couldn't contain Dez Bryant; even though they only gave up 21 rushing yards and 50 yards receiving to non-Dez Bryant people. People will say that if Tony Romo can do that to the Packer's defense that Russell Wilson will eat them alive.

Packers vs. Raiders
The Packers travel to Oakland and win easily. Packer "fans" will call in to say how Woodsen and Jones should never have been let go by the Packers. Packers clinch a playoff spot with the victory. Packer "Fans" will call into discuss how they still don't have enough to beat the Seahawks and that they need to use the last two games to start thinking about how they are going to defeat them.

Packers vs. Cardinals
Packers get the victory and win the division. They also get at least a first round bye but need a Seattle loss to get home field throughout the playoffs. The loss comes later that night and the Packers have home field locked up going into the final game of the year. Which leads too....

Packers vs. Vikings
Packers "Fans" will be split as they don't need to play their starters in the final game but they don't want a repeat of the 2011 season where they rested starters and laid an egg in the Divisional Round. Either direction the Packers go in people will complain. Packers still win behind Scott Tolzein when he throws 3 TD passes between Jeff Janis and Ty Montgomery.

The Packers will win the Super Bowl this year, but Packer fans will still find ways to want to fire everyone.

It is so much fun being a Packer fan!