Hey everyone.

SplitSider just ran a series of articles about the top up and coming comedians from around the country. Not one comic from Wisconsin made the list which is pretty dumb. So today for my Monday Write here are some comics currently residing in Wisconsin. I've broken it down by region or where I think they actually live. It's just a list click on their name to see their website so you can learn more about them. All of these people are great.

Why am I doing this? A) I think if I do this it will help me for SEO. B) Wisconsin comedy is growing and it's pretty great right now and I want to give some props to some of the people who are helping make it possible.

Northwest Wisconsin

Dwight York
Frank Roche
Rio Hillman

Central Wisconsin

Alex Haack
AJ Grill
Josh Jaxson

Fox Valley/Green Bay

John Egan
Krains Butter
Mike Merryfield
Steve Hartman
Rob Brackenridge
Tyler Sitar
Greg Willet
Nate Hoss
Roger Radley


Stefan Davis
Geoffry Ausmus
David Freeburg
Stevie Leigh Crutcher
Antonio Aguilar
Brandon Ream


Greg Bach
LiZ Ziner
Alisson Dunne
Geoff LeFleur
Johnny Beehner (For a few more weeks)
Ryan Lowe
Jason Hillman
Tyler Menz

I probably forgot a ton of people, so I'm sorry.

Here's a bonus list of Podcasts that are being made in Wisconsin right now:

Merryfield's Podcast
This is Temporary
You Don't Say
Scott Ruins Your Podcast

Here's a bonus web series:

Beer and Board Games

Wisconsin Comedy is pretty great right now, so check these things out. Please.