I don't know what if it technically counts as a homecoming but this weekend I'm going to be performing stand-up comedy about 30 minutes away from my original hometown of Spooner Wisconsin.

I'd like to think of it that way mostly because it's more like a real homecoming than I think I've ever been a part of or even seen in a traditional sense. I think I went to one high school homecoming weekend and I only did one college homecoming. The college one was mostly because I was still living where I went to college.

But this weekend seems like what a homecoming should be. Someone who hasn't been around for a really long time, seeing how things have changed and seeing the people they haven't seen in a really long time.

This weekend I really hope I get to see some of the people that I haven't seen in years. Even with facebook and twitter it's amazing how little you know about someone when you  haven't had an actual interaction with them in years. You can only interpret so much from photos and status updates.

So while this is a pretty short Monday Write the point is: if you are reading this and are within 60 minutes of Minong WI come see me perform some stand-up comedy.