That's how much I've traveled in the last 10 days.

7 shows in 10 days.

I went as far north as Marquette MI, west to Minong WI, south to Appleton WI and east to De Pere WI. I wanted to put a visual representation to what I drove but apparently you can only put in so many locations into Google Maps before it says, "Whoa, why the fuck are you driving this much?"

For many people who do comedy for a living look at a number like this and think, "That's nothing." And that's true this is just the tip of the iceberg for how much traveling I'll endure as I keep doing comedy. So this isn't a bragging thing or anything. It's just an update of what I've been doing since essentially my last time writing here.

So to put into perspective, if I would have just driven for 1783 miles I could have driven to North Powder OR. Here are some fun facts about North Powder OR.

North Powder has a population of 439 people. The neat thing about this is that I think I performed for a total of 439 people during these 7 shows. That's not too bad considering there were a few shows I did that could only seat 30 people comfortably.

The mascot of the North Powder school district is the Badger which is the Wisconsin University mascot as well.

North Powder is off of US Interstate 84 and if you need somewhere to eat stop by the North Powder Cafe and Truck Stop. They offer a wide variety of foods with generous portions. When you walk in you will be greeted by friendly service and great smelling food.

If you find yourself near North Powder on July 25th make sure to stop by their Huckleberry Festival to enjoy all things Huckleberry. The classic literary character Huckleberry Finn, the legendary cartoon Huckleberry Hound and the berry as well. The highlight of the festival is the world's largest Huckleberry Sundae which everyone can help partake in at 3 PM. Even though I'm not a huge fan of huckleberries, but I can appreciate a unique small town festival.

So today I'm going to declare that my second home is North Powder Oregon. If anyone from North Powder actually reads this and wants to have a comedy show please let me know and I'll drive another 1783 miles to do it. Or fly and then rent a car, whatever is cheaper. The point is North Powder if you want a comedy show than let's work something out.