Yesterday while cleaning out some things I discovered the travel log that I kept when some friends and I went down to Jacksonville, FL to see the ACC Baseball tournament where our friend Mark Hallberg played for Florida State. So many times I had been told to put it out there into the ether so that people can read it. Well here you go Chris, Darren, Luke and Arik. Here is our trip from late May 2007. This is exactly from the book, with a few added things. 


11:10 AM Tuesday:
We leave Barron. Chris, Tucker & Snively (Luke)

Okay before this even started Luke and I had to replace the gas opening so it didn't leak extra gas. We took a van that got about 12 miles to the gallon and filling up the tank was going to take $100. So pouring extra gas on the ground wasn't helpful. Also, I was there mostly for moral support in this mechanic department.

11:25 AM:
Chris already has swamp ass.

1:35 PM:
Chris, Tucker, and Snively arrive in Lacrosse to pick up Feidter (Arik) and Lentz (Darren) who are drinking a beer.

"Should we rock it out?" Chris asking Feidt while playing Guitar Hero in van.

Chris could not be seperated from his PS2 so he brought it with so we could play video games on the car ride down.

2:50 PM
We leave the grocery store in Lacrosse

3:22 PM
Leave Subway for gas

3:26 PM
We get gas in Lacrosse
13.441 gal
Barron to La Crosse 158 Miles
11.75 miles/gallon

Finally going to Florida. YAHHHHH
Whipped illegal U-Turn before leaving La Crosse

3:33 PM
FInally on I-90

3:42 PM
Amber (Chris' girlfriend at the time) call Chris to tell him its raining back home.

"Pennies don't flip" -Chris

4:42 PM
Chris Beats Arik at Madden Redskins 70 Rams 20

Sometime before Crhis beat the crap out of Feidt in Madden; Darren writes a sign to a fellow motorist that says: "Strap is broke on Little 4-Wheeler" He practically saved the day.

5:29 PM
In Madison a guys rope trails his strapped couch.

5:44 PM
Tucker beats Feidt in Madden Eagles 45 Cardinals 30. Total Offense: 412 ARI 271 PHI

 6:21 PM
Enter Illinois pay first toll of $1.00. Tucker and Feidt watch Anchorman. Chris still sleeps.

6:45 PM
Lentz threw a pretzel out the window

7:00 PM
Pass a wind field. Neat.

7:30 PM
Feidter & Tucker just finish watching Anchorman. Chrissy Poo is still sleeping. We should piss him off and mess with him. I don't think we actually did though.

8:00 PM
Feidt beats Lentz and Tucker in Dirty Clubs

8:20 PM
Stop in Normal IL for gas.
28.850 gal
La Crosse to Normal IL 327.5 miles
11.35 MPG

Chris & Feidt fight at the gas station. Luke is done driving and Lentz is going to take the wheel. We are 1/3 of the way there!!! Luke drove 485.4 miles!!!!

9:00 PM
We ate at Arby's now we leave Normal IL with Darren Lentz at the wheel. Next top probably Georgia, maybe before? I don't know really. Tucker goes to sleep, FIFA is being played by Snively and Chris.

9:47 PM
"I'm trying to look like the car in the picture" -Lentz exiting towards Memphis.

9:51 PM
We missed getting a picture of 177,777.7 miles. We try a picture of a different mileage that doesn't even work.

10:05 PM
Chris and Snive play Madden adn at half 28-3 they stopped and played FIFA instead.

WED 1:12 AM
We cross the Ohio River adn are finally in Kentucky. Time for the mountains. Ok Illinois fucking sucked so long to get through. It took about 7 hours to get through.

1:16 AM
Chris talks to his girlfriend again!

2:00 AM
Chris is finally done playing PS2

"If I tried to fart I'd probably piss." -Chris

2:15 AM
Stop in Cadiz KY for gas
26.550 gal
13.03 MPG
Normal IL to Cadiz KY 346 miles

2:30 AM
Chris and Tucker "partyin' up in here" and just enter the dirty south TENNESSEE! FYI Arik is Gay=Poopy Pants" *Enya Time*

I was driving and Chris was in the front seat. Trying to keep me awake. He wrote that last entry.
Chris was terrible at staying awake and therefore keeping me awake.

4:09 AM
"My Nipples are hard" -Chris
"There's not enough signs to play the ABC's game" -Tucker A-F

4:50 AM
Finish ABC Game! Finally found a fucking Z!

5:14/6:14 AM
We enter the Eastern Time Zone

7:00-9:00 AM
A lot of stupid Atlanta traffic.

We were low on gas and I was very sleepy it was not a good combination.

8:55 AM
Chris needs a fuzz buster.

9:05 AM
Chris tells a great story about him "burping his fart."

"Log it"

9:12 AM
Tucker is still driving and is nominated for the 20 hour drive home. Tucker pulls over to gas up and sleep.

Cadiz KY to South of Atlanta GA
26.259 gal
13.22 mpg
Tucker drove 347 miles. Chris now takes the helm. Tucker drove through the Appalachian mountains and a lot of stupid traffic in Georgia and Chattanooga. I went to Tennessee twice adn Georgia Twice.

10:45 AM
"Why don't you go into the back and fall asleep." -Someone to Tucker.

Ate at Denny's in Genole, GA
"Coffee Beans. Coffee Beans." -Feidt

"You can write a country song about anything. I smoked a cigarette today"

12:14 PM
Tucker watches Kids in the Hall. Lentz and Snively play FIFA Chris is texting his girlfriend probably.

1:00 PM
"You can sleep better without those stickers on your glasses." -Lentz
"Good one Lentz" -Feidt.

not sure if those were connected.

As we get closer to Florida is gets smoggier and Chris just did a brake test on Feidt.
"I was prayin'" -Feidt

1:10 PM
Another construction zone. Another slow down.

1:20 PM
Lentz beats Snively in an epic battle of FIFA in overtime.

1:30 PM
We enter the Sunshine State. FLORIDA!

2:30 PM
Jacksonville city limits. Feidt is trying to sabotage the trip by getting teh car in a crash.

3 PM
Check in at Days Inn

5 PM
Eat dinner before heading to the ballpark>

6:45 PM
Leave Days Inn for ballpark.
"We're not as dumb as Arik looks."

7:00 PM
We kind of get lost going to the park, but we find it.

7:20 PM
Arrive at teh field get tickets for free tanks to Mark and Jason Stidham, we also wait for Joel Hunt to arrive. (Another friend we graduated with who was working for the Jacksonville Jaguars at the time)

7:45 PM
Talk with Mark for a little bit before his game

9:15 PM
Clemson and Miami went to extra innings. Clemson won on a suicide squeeze with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 13th.

10:00 PM
Game finally starts

10:40 PM
Chris picks Feidt's nose on the jumbotron

10:48 PM
Mark breaks up no-hitter in bottom of 3rd.

10:55 PM
Snively makes a fool out of himself on Jumbotron

12:50 AM Thursday
Seminoles win.

1:00 AM
We leave the park.

1:15 AM
30.212 gal
339 miles
11.22 MPG

1:20 AM
"I got a sliding door." -Feidt

1:30 AM

11:15 THU
Wake Up

11:45 AM
Go out to the pool and start drinking

1:31 PM
Eat some lunch and continue drinking

4:30 PM
Get done at pool we are really burnt.

Chris got burnt the works, I got burnt in the way that it looked like I didn't know how to put on sunscreen.

5:00 PM
go hang out with Mark.

5:30 PM-11:30 PM
Hang out with Mark, played dirty clubs, hat game, green glass door, etc. We also watched the NBA Finals between Cavs and Spurs.

11:30 PM
Get back to the hotel and drink some more.

11:45 AM Fri
Wake up go hang out at the pool

2:30 PM
Grilled some chicken and ate lunch

4:00 PM
go to get hats and shirts at Jacksonville Mall. Gave $12 to a bum?

Right as we loaded up the van to leave the mall a guy came over to us claiming that he didn't have enough money for a bus, or something. That's why we just assumed he was a bum.

6:00 PM
Go to the ball park with our 7 shirts on.

At the mall we were able to find a bunch of shirts that had 7 on them for Florida State which was the number Mark wore for the team.

7:15 PM
Game starts FSU vs. Miami. Meet Raina and Amanda. (Friends of Mark who were cheerleaders at FSU)

10:30 PM
Seminoles lose to Hurricanes

11:00 PM
Get back to hotel and order some pizza and drink some beer.

1:00 AM SAT
Lentz fell hardcore. Everyone left. (?)

11:20 AM SAT
Go to the Jacksonville landing to hang out with Mark.

2:30 PM
Go to the field to tailgate before game. Letnz rides in style. Chris didn't shower good. Feidt spit a seed at Chris. Chris tried to throw a can away from 8 feet away and missed. Chris grabbed a beer from cooler and dropped it. Monti's (Mark's dad) beer of choice is Beast Light.

Chris shotgunned 4 beers before we walked into the game. on the walk from our car to the game my flip flop broke so I had to walk barefoot for pretty much the duration of the game.

4:30 PM
Clemson vs. Florida St. Chris passes out during the game because he is drunk. When he wakes up he just cheers. "GOOOOOOOOOOOO."

Clemson beats Florida St.

Florida State gets knocked out of the ACC Tournament with the loss. During the game I sat next to Buster Posey's parents.

8:30 PM
Feidt loses to Lentz in Madden
Tucker beats Chris in FIFA
Feidt doesn't even care that Raina won't add him but she does add him to Facebook during the game.

10:45 AM SUN
Check out of Hotel. Back to Wisconsin.

10:43 AM
Get soem gas to top off tank and then some donuts.
8.786 gal
Lentz has the first leg.
81 miles in Jacksonville

11:15 AM
Leave Dunkin Donuts

5:37 PM
We stop at a gas station and subway to eat. Subway is okay. Gas station is out of gas, they only got diesel.

5:45 PM
We are just having a helluva time trying to get gas. ONe pump didn't work now one more.

13.3 MPG
Jacksonville to North of Atlanta 397 miles

Lentz claims he drove over 400 miles, but he just came short.

7:06/6:06 PM
Entered Central time zone. Lentz beat Chris in FIFA but Chris won game two.

6:25 PM
We had a bumper sticker that said, "Ask me about my penis."
A guy responds to our bumper sticker with a sign that says, "Small?"

8:00 PM
Chris is done playing FIFA. He's been playing since Jacksonville.

8:30 PM
Chris started playing FIFA again.
"Fart smelled like silage." -Tucker

9:00 PM
It's dry in Kentucky. Road fire from cigarette. 2nd one on trip.

10:30 PM
Stop for Gas in Southern IL.
30.13 Gal
388 miles
12.79 MPG

4:30 AM
I get done driving this leg.
Stop in Beloit WI for gas.
378 miles
27.94 gal
13.52 MPG

Luke take us home.

7:10 AM Mon
In La Crosse we go to eat some breakfast maybe some B&E.
Ughh, thanks Dane Cook.

Slept at Lentz's before going back to B-Town. (Barron)

2:30 PM
Home in Barron.


What a trip.