You guys, I say, "You Guys," way too much. I mean seriously you guys I just watched my set from Friday night and if I took a drink for every time I said, "You Guys," this post would be riddled with spelling errors and probably wouldn't be completed.

I think one of the reasons it's bothering me so much is because it is kind of sexist. I mean it you guys, "you guys." There were a ton of ladies in the crowd and in general. Literally half of the people we interact with everyday are ladies.

You guys and ladies I feel bad that I'm not just saying; "everyone," or "people in the crowd," or "y'all." I should be better. I take pride in the performed word so I shouldn't be constantly repeating, "You guys." Most of my jokes I try so hard to make sure I don't repeat words, but if I'm in between jokes or at the end of a sentence I want to make sure that I only make sure that the fellas in the crowd understand what I'm talking about.

I'm sure there are other dumb things I"m constantly saying without my knowledge. I just haven't recorded myself saying them. Maybe you should record what you say and see what words you are constantly saying. Here's a list of the words I seem to say the most.

You Guys, the, a, uh, well, so, no, hm, pepper steak.

As you can see you guys I say a lot of waste words. So from this point forward I promise to be better and pepper steak.