It is a weird time that we live in right now. Many people have main jobs but they are also paying the bills with one of the many side hustles that they also have. It's one of the reasons that Millenials are ruining every single chain restaurant in America. Because once you are done working a 6-10 bar tending shift at Applebee's you don't really want to stick around to have all you can eat riblets. 

I am one of those people with a side hustle. I do stand-up comedy, I teach people improv, I also used to do brewery tours. Then you have people like my fiance who are doing their full time job, and then volunteering with 4 other organizations. She isn't even getting paid to do that! But it's just the way we live right now. It used to be you could have one job and that would get you through, but times have changed and you need to have other ways to supplement your income otherwise every penny goes right into basic human necessities. 

So how does this fit into my wedding. Well, I'm glad you asked. You see I have many talented people in my life. I have friends and family that do such cool things with their side gigs that why not let them parlay that into making some money off of my wedding. Also, there is a chance that some people might have to choose between coming to a wedding where they have to spend money over an extra shift where they are making money. 

So here's what we are going to do. We want our super talented friends and family be a part of our day. I've have the owner/captain/friend of ComedyCity Green Bay to officiate the wedding. I'm having one of my cousins doing the photography. I have my sister singing at the wedding with her show choir. One of my friends from high school owns a salon and she might be doing the hair and makeup. The guy who used to run the comedy club in Wausau is going to be the DJ. These are all people I was going to invite anyway, now they get to be an even a bigger part of our day. 

So, if you have a talent or a way that you can help contribute to our wedding let me know. We might find a way to incorporate you into the wedding.