Hello I'm stand up comedian and now future husband Tucker Diedrich. Hey I'm getting married that's pretty cool! And just in time for the GOP’s tax reform.

If you know me, I don't like to do normal or traditional things. I'm outside if the box. I'm original. If you've seen the Christmas card my future wife and I sent out in 2015 you know what I mean.

So.our wedding won't be any different. We want it to be unique, fun, and involve as many people as possible.

What does this mean? Well we've all been to a ton of weddings and they are essentially the same. You get invited, spend money to get to the wedding, put $20ish into a card and have dinner and drinks. Why does it have to be this way? Why can't it be more fun?

So for our wedding we will be doing a "kickstarter"-esqe way to give us money.

There will be tiers of how you can be a part of the wedding and reception.

Do you want to sit with me and Sam during dinner at the reception?

How about do a reading at the wedding?

Want to pick the playlist for 15 minutes?

You can do those things and more.

We always hear that it's hard to make the rounds at weddings so you essentially can buy some time with us. And not only that be a part of it as well.

But even better It gives people the opportunity to give us money even if they can’t make it to the ceremony.

We want this to be a wedding that people remember and have fun with. The best part is if you can't make it you can still be a part of the day by backing our wedding and getting things.

A more detailed list will be on it's way. And a way to get these things bought online as well.

Keep checking in for updates.

OH, here are some updates, we have a couple of ideas that people can pay for.

Out of town but want to still give us money:

  1. $5: Just give us $5 we’ll send you a thank you card.

  2. $20: The Official Pint Glass from the wedding and a thank you card from us.

  3. $100: Tucker and Sam’s favorite things. We’ll send you a package with some cool stuff that we like in it.


Coming to the wedding and want to get more for your money than just dinner and drinks?

  1. $10: The kiss token. Want us to kiss during the ceremony than it’s going to cost you.

  2. $50: Be an honorary member of the Grand March.

  3. $100: Sit with us for dinner. We aren’t doing a traditional head table. We’ll let anyone who is willing to pay $100 to sit with us.

We’re going to figure out a way to collect on these things. Just haven’t gotten that far yet.

I'll keep